Announcing DNA results of body search in Semarang, victim’s wife: Escort pending completion of case

Semarang, – The police finally announced that the body burned in the marina, 8 September 2022, Iwan Budi Paulus.

This Semarang City government employee was reported missing since August 2022, just days before he was to be examined as a witness in the asset transfer corruption case.

The discovery was made after a joint team from Semarang Police, Central Java Police and the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police conducted DNA tests on body samples from the victims and their families.

Test results revealed that the victim was identical to Ewan Budi’s 2 child samples.

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Meanwhile, on behalf of the deceased, bone samples were taken from the charred body.

“The results are identical, so that 100 percent of the bodies are Iwan Budi’s brother,” explained Combes Pol, head of public relations for the Central Java Police. Iqbal Alkudusi in Semarang, Wednesday.

Although the identity of the deceased has been confirmed, the police have not given any information about the cause of death.

Earlier, the police gave an explanation that the victim was killed and mutilated before being burnt with his motorbike.

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