Accident, death of Mugeb Fatihul Ihsan primary school teacher on hunger strike PWMU.CO

Fatihul Ihsan. Accident, Mugeb Fatihul Ihsan Primary School teacher dies while fasting (Exclusive/PWMU.CO)

Mishap, Mugeb Fatihul Ihsan Primary School teacher dies on hunger strike; PWMU.CO Greek Contributor Coverage Sayyidah Nuriyah. editor Mohammad Nurfatni.

PWMU.CO – East Java, SD Muhammadiyah 1 GKB (SD Mugeb) Grieving environment in the extended family of Gresik. One of his greatest teachers, Fatihul Ihsan SPD, passed away on Thursday (15/9/22). The man who was born in Gracie, June 6, 1984, died fasting.

SD Mugheb Noor Umarah SPD Secretariat informed this information. The reason is that, at around 15.35 WIB, he announced on the school’s WhatsApp group, “For today’s teacher/ah ShawmYou can have a box of milk for Iftar lunch.”

Then, Umarah said, Fatih was a teacher who accepted the law iftar In the evening before returning home.

Fatih met with an accident on his way home from office. At this point, the exact cause of the accident was not known until Fatih—as he was known—died instantly on the spot. To be precise, at about 17.35 WIB on the highway around the JIIPE industrial area, Banyutami village, Maniyar district, Grecian regency.

On receiving information that the man is a class five homeroom teacher and coordinator of classes five and six, the principal of SD Mugebe M Nor Komari SSI, Waka Agus Supraitno SPD and several teachers of SD Mugebe immediately went to the location. At about 17.55 WIB. Mania police handled it. Finally, the body was taken by ambulance to Abu Sina Gracik Regional General Hospital (RSUD).

Teachers from Mugeb Primary School took the body from Ibnu Sina Hospital to the funeral home at around 21.40 WIB. As of 22:25 WIB, the body was still praying at the mosque near his home.

Fatih lives at RT 2 RW 10, Druju Hamlet, Pangkah Kulon, Ujungpangkah District, Gresik. The body was buried tonight at Pangkah Cemetery.

goodbye code

It emerged that Fatih had communicated the outgoing code to his colleague Asmaul Khusnah SPDI, on Wednesday (14/9/22). “He is there code I visited my class yesterday afternoon. sat in front Sorry and asked to apologize to friends,” said Asmaul.

Fatih entrusted the responsibility to him. He thought Fateh was just joking. “It didn’t turn out like this. I didn’t know that breaking up like this would be serious,” she added.

Unexpectedly, on his way home from office this afternoon, Asmaul catches a glimpse of the accident victim with the color of his clothes which he seems to recognize. “I just looked at the watch and the brown pants. Immediately I pulled away. His whole body fell asleep on the road. The face and body are covered,” he said.

“I usually don’t look because I’m most afraid of accidents. I forced myself to stop and ask. Hopefully it’s not my friend,” he explained.

Now he was thankful that he had decided to dare to visit that afternoon. “Thank God, I had the courage to see the body for the last time. He is not just a colleague, but like a brother to me,” he said.

Fatihul Ihsan with his wife and three children (Exclusive/PWMU.CO)

Fatih means surrender

Meanwhile, Vice Principal of Character Development and Habituation (PPK) Noor Hamidah SPD tremblingly and weakly said that he too did not expect one of his Ismuba teachers to leave so soon.

Whereas in the afternoon, Mida said—his nickname—his team kept teasing and motivating Fatih, who lined up to MC the show on Friday morning (16/9/22). It was habituation coordinator Ahmad Mujahidul Athan from SPD who told the group via WhatsApp message that Fatih is scheduled to be the MC tomorrow.

“This is the information we can convey. For his attention, we pray for long life and become part of the inhabitants of heaven,” said Authon at 13:51 WIB.

Other teachers cheered Fatih after the announcement was made. Because Fatih is adamant that she doesn’t want to be an MC. “I quit. I submit to Al-Ustadz Mujahidul Athan to replace him,” Fatih ordered one last time to the group of fifth and sixth grade practicing teachers.

That afternoon, Mida decided to have Fatih as MC according to his schedule. “There is no need to prepare a backup MC,” he said. He really hopes that Fatih tries to become an MC because so far he hasn’t and says he’s not ready.

Mida immediately became dull upon hearing the sad news. “Usually (while holding meetings) he takes drinking water to the PPK office, today he did not meet at all. Only communication through the group,” he recalls.

No dependencies

Another colleague, Kaysnawati SPD was immediately excited after hearing the news of Fateh’s accident. “This afternoon, I had a fifth grade project meeting. Last time I left the library with me. No greeting, ‘I’m going home first!’ Taj Fateh smiled,” he recalled.

At that time, it was 16.45 WIB. When he said goodbye, Fatih was still in the library. “Still relaxed, holding HP with a smile,” he said.

Similarly, Sports, Science and Technology Department (OST) coordinator Rizki Noor Firdausi SPD. That afternoon he was called by Fatih, who was the fourth and fifth grade assistant teacher outside futsal.

At that time, Fateh said that he kept the ball in his locker. “Everything is in the locker, as well as the proposal, if it is signed, let me know,” he said. He said he proposed a program.

He also said that he wrote the details of the program on the data server. “I didn’t put it in Excel, I deposited the money. I have no more dependents, us,” he said.

Rizki – his greeting – did not expect this to be their last conversation. Rizki added, “Everything is fine this afternoon.”

Fahillan is also devastated. “Oh God, no one knows one’s age,” he thought. Because, when he was about to go home to the parking lot at about 17.00 WIB, he had time to run into Fatih in the pantry.

“Even though I usually always say hello, I didn’t have time to say hello because (Fatih) is still Video call with his son,” he said.

Fahillan could clearly hear his son say, “Dad, I’m playing football now!” “Dad is playing football too,” replied Fatih cheerfully, showing the three basketballs he had brought.

Fatih is survived by three children. Her first child is in primary school. The distance between the first child and the second is close. Her youngest child is now almost two years old.

hopefully Husnul Khatimah.

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