A rare experience, 300 DKI Jakarta students coached live basketball by former NBA players

WARTAKOTALIVE.COM, JAKARTA – Around 300 students from across DKI Jakarta had the rare experience of being coached directly by former NBA players to play basketball.

The practice, which was held at the Silandak Sports Center, was held to celebrate eight years of cooperation between the NBA and the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.

NBA Asia Associate Vice President Marketing Partnerships Jim Wong said in a statement on Thursday (15/9/2022), “We are very pleased to celebrate our long-standing relationship with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.

“We have successfully hosted various Junior NBA events, such as Junior NBA Day and a series of other events thanks to our partnership with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government for eight years,” he continued.

Students throughout DKI Jakarta had the opportunity to practice directly with former NBA player, Aston Lister, who shared his knowledge of NBA basketball.

Apart from Aston Lister, the students also received training from junior NBA coaches Carlos Baroka and Natalia Andrei dos Santos.

Not only training, but also a series of other activities were held, such as a match between Jakarta Swift Basketball Indonesia players and coaches junior. A skills challenge competition for NBA, and Junior NBA Indonesia alumni.

“Through this event, we hope to encourage Indonesian youth to live a healthy lifestyle, and inspire them to become future national athletes,” said Wang.

Since its launch in 2014, the Junior NBA Program in Indonesia aims to ensure the development of young athletes in Asia through various training programs.

Through its initiative, Junior NBA Indonesia focuses on improving youth health and fitness and reducing inactivity by integrating basketball with physical education curriculum.

In addition to physical exercise, Junior NBA Indonesia teaches the program’s core values, such as sportsmanship or sportsmanship, teamwork or team work, positive attitude or a positive attitude, and respect or respect (STAR).

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Next, the Junior NBA Coaches Academy will be held on Thursday, September 15, 2022, as a manifestation of local basketball development efforts by setting standards for how basketball should be taught in schools.

The event will be the area’s first private Junior NBA Coaches Academy. Interested sports teachers and coaches can register for free through the official Junior NBA Asia website.

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