2022 South Kalimantan Porprov venue completed in Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID, KANDAN – XI South Kalimantan Provincial Sports Week (Porprov Kalsel) will be held in South Hulu Sungai (HSS) Regency.

Currently, the HSS Regency Government is still repairing and constructing several venues for competitions or competitions.

HSS Regency Disporapar Head of Youth and Sports Department, Abdul Qadir, said on Thursday (15/9/2022) that the venues in the process of completion are a semi-indoor volleyball court and sand volleyball in the 2 December area.

Also, the racing circuit at Maluthu village. The last one is still running in the semi-indoor Sepak Takra field.

Where the ready-to-use venues are GOS Aluh Idut, Football Stadium 2 Dec, Scout Building, Amandit Aquatic Center Swimming Pool.

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Others, Amandit Utama Basketball Court, Tumpang Talu Tennis Court, H Durrahman Simpur Sports Building, Angkinang Sepak Takra Building, Family Futsal Ground, Banua Anyar Futsal Ground, SKB Hall of Education Office.

Then, Simpur Football Ground, Sinar Bhakti Hamalau Multipurpose Building, SMN 2 Kandangan Football Ground, HM Safii Daha Selatan Football Stadium, Duta Futsal Ground, Outgoing Amandit Loksado.

Furthermore, behind the KPLH Dispera are football grounds, Perbakin shooting grounds and Phopi petanque grounds.

Implementation of Porprov will be completed by November 2022. Under existing plans, the venue will be completed by early October.

The following sports will be contested:

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– Billiards
– Gateball
– Drum Band
– Court tennis
– Basketball
– Indoor volleyball
– Sand volleyball
– sepak takraw
– Football
– Pentac
– Chess
– Muay Thai
– Hapkido
– Baseball/Softball
– fist
– Gymnastics.
– Archer
– Table tennis
– Heavy lifting
– Lifting weights
– Exercise
– Rafting
– Badminton
– Athletics
– Sambo
– Wall climbing
– eSports
– Dance game
– Swimming
– Diving
– Campo
– Futsal
– shoots
– Karate
– Karate
– Bridge
– Aeromodeling
– the fence
– Bicycle racing
– Chess
– Motorcycle racing
– Wrestling

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