16 teams are set to rock the Icasago Club Football Tournament

Gumbong (SUARABARU.ID) – The motion to commemorate the National Sports Day (Haornas) 2022 and the desire to restore the glory of the Soelogiri Gombang field, the former students of SMA N1 Gombang Kebumen who are members of the Alumni Association of SMA N1 Gombang (Ikasago). – Club Football Tournament.

0709 A total of 16 teams will participate in the football tournament supported by Kebumen Kodim.
Opening of the tournament on Saturday (17/9).

“Ikasago will hold an Ikasago Cup football tournament among clubs in Kebumen Regency. 15 clubs from Kebumen and 1 club from Croa will be invited participants in this tournament. A total of 16 clubs using the knockout system. The tournament will be held from Saturday (17/9)-2 October 2022 at the Soelogiri field,” explained Faisal Ibrahim as chairman of the organizing committee to Suarabaru.id on Thursday (15/9).

Swelogiri Gombong Field, Kebumen, ready for 2022 Ikasago Cup inter-club football match. (Photo: SB/Ikasago)

According to Faisal Ibrahim, the motivation for organizing this football tournament was the desire of the former students of SMA N Gumbong, who have a passion to restore the glory of the Sowelogiri Gumbong field.

At that time, the Soelogiri field was very busy with sports competitions or other activities held by the community.

“Ikasago Kodim 0709 with the support of Kebumen wants to restore the glory of Swelogiri Gombong Field, as it was in its time, as a reference for sports activities for the Gombong community,” he added.

Faisal Ibrahim said many Gumbong High School alumni have fond memories of physically building and practicing to watch regular football matches on the field. For a long time, almost 20 years, no football match was held at the Soelogiri ground as a cause of longing.

The operation of the Icasago Cup soccer tournament between clubs from across the Kebumen regency began with the field being repaired so that it was fit to return to being a soccer match venue compared to its previous condition.

The repair work of Soelogiri field is going on for almost a month. Now conditions suitable for football matches have returned. In future, the Suelogiri field will not only be used by Ikasago for the tournament, but also for sports activities by the youth and other community elements. Of course, Codem 0709 continues to coordinate with Kebumen.

Ikasago repaired the Soelogiri field, which was part of the Alumni’s dedication to supporting the development of sports in general and football in particular in the Gombong and Kebumen regions. It’s always working for Indonesia’s progress, according to Ikasago’s tagline

The organizing committee will award trophies and coaching money to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd and 4th winning football clubs and top scorers. The organizers also offer prizes to spectators who buy tickets and will be drawn during the finals.

The ticket price is cheap, only Rp. 5,000. In D-1 before the finals, there will also be a women’s football exhibition match between the Purorejo and Purlinga clubs.

According to Faisal Ibrahim, the committee expects the tournament to go smoothly and get enthusiastic response from the audience. In fact, in future it will have a positive impact on the number of sports activities held at the Soelogiri grounds. Simultaneously for the advancement of football and sports in Gumbong and Kebumen.

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